Our Classes

Our Classes

Online Video Game Design Mini-Camp

Create, play and share computer games in this week-long online camp for beginners!

  • Using Stencyl, a free 2-D video game creation program, students will learn to build levels, design challenges and customize every aspect of their very own computer game.
  • Each day includes a group lesson and supported creative building time.
  • Engaging challenges that extend past class-time encourage students to build and create on their own.
  • Lessons include level design fundamentals, pixel art creation, and block-based programming. Kids can dive deep into any of these subjects or use pre-made elements to bring their ideas to life.

At the end of the camp, students will have a fully playable game to share with friends & family, and the freedom to continue working on their games.

Jr Robotics

Construct moving contraptions out of the newest educational robotics materials!

  • Students will learn about motorized construction techniques and build a foundation for our advanced course.
  • They will learn about how robots share similar features to people:
    • Computers = Brains
    • Motors = Muscles
    • Sensors = Senses
    • Batteries = Hearts
  • They will build with step-by-step instructions as well as creative design challenges.

Advanced Robotics

Unleash the creative powers of the LEGO® MINDSTORMS EV3 by building and programming real, functioning robots! Students will participate in group and individual challenges to build emerging critical and creative thinking skills.

  • Students will work in teams to build and complete a different creative challenge each class.
  • They will create robots that dodge obstacles and react to their environment using ultrasonic, touch and light sensors.
  • They will learn to program and troubleshoot complex robotic behaviors.
  • The session ends with an awesome battle-bot tournament!


Video Game Design

Video games are not only fun to play, but fun to create!

  • Students will learn about the digital game design process and the many different disciplines required to make games.
  • They will use a 2D game development engine called Stencyl to design, animate, program and test their own Flash game that they can play and share on the computer.
  • They will learn game design principles to make their game engaging, unique, and most of all – fun!


Stop Motion Animation

Bring your story to life by making stop motion animated movies! Working in teams, students build sets and characters using materials such as LEGO® bricks, white boards, and origami, then write, direct, and edit a unique story to share with the world!

  • Students will begin by learning about cameras and special software required for stop-motion animation.
  • They will learn the visual principles of animation as well as storytelling fundamentals.
  • They will complete multiple animation exercises and a final film project using everything they’ve learned


Bugs & Microscopes

Bugs are everywhere! Did you know that 90% of animals on earth are insects? Get to know the critters in your backyard with Bugs & Microscopes!

  • Students will begin each class with a biology lesson and discussion, then complete a creative bug-themed project.
  • They will learn to appreciate our tiny friends by building bug motels and ant farms.
  • They will explore the local wilderness to catalog bugs with hand-made microscopes and wildlife journals.


Tabletop Game Design

Ever dreamed of playing a tabletop game from your imagination? Students will play and study a variety of games, including puzzles, card games, and board games, then work in teams to design their own custom experiences!


Papercraft & Origami

Join Beam Experiences for an adventure in papercraft! We fold together classical origami techniques and modern mathematical concepts to explore all the amazing and beautiful properties of paper.

  • Students will learn to create and invent traditional origami sculptures.
  • They will learn about how folding is important to science and the natural world.
  • They will bring home a variety of original projects, such as paper airplanes, pop-up books, and treasure maps.