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Born in Seattle by local architects and artists passionate about children’s education and creative play, BEAM Experiences offers hands-on guided learning for grades 3-8. Our curriculum has a focus on creativity, exploration and experimentation.

BEAM teachers guide students through project-based challenges in a risk-free environment. Students will emerge from each class, camp, or workshop with expanded knowledge and a unique experience.

School Enrichment

After-school programs, offering guided lessons that promote creative problem-solving & exploration. 90 or 120 minutes, once per week.

All programs are located in the greater Seattle area. Read our full class descriptions here

Role Playing & Storytelling

D&D Dungeon Master Academy – Learn to be a Dungeon Master and forge your own adventure! Students will build magical worlds, draw amazing maps, and craft fantastic stories. We will use craft materials to bring our campaigns to life, and practice leading a band of imaginary heroes. Then, working in groups, we will create characters and take turns leading games for each other. At the end of the course, kids will take home custom adventure kits to share with friends and family!

Dungeons & Dragons – Calling all Adventurers! Join a party of brave heroes in the imaginary world of D&D and make friends in the real world along the way. Dungeons and Dragons is an inclusive role-playing game that focuses not on competition, but on storytelling, imagination, creativity, teamwork, and a bit of luck.

Art & Animation

Stop-Motion Animation – Bring your story to life by making stop motion animated movies! Working in teams, we will build sets and characters using LEGO® bricks, clay, and other materials, then write, direct, and edit unique stories.

Video Game Design – Design and build your very own video game! Students will use a kid-friendly game creation engine to make 2-D video games on the computer.

Pixel Art & Animation – Join us for an in-depth class about drawing with the smallest squares on any screen – pixels. Students will learn fine-art concepts such as color theory, light & shadow, perspective, tiling, animation principles and more.


Bugs & Microscopes – Bugs are everywhere! Did you know that 90% of animals on earth are insects? Get to know the critters in your backyard with Bugs & Microscopes! Students will learn to care for our tiny friends by building bug motels and ant farms. Then we’ll put on our biology hats and explore the local wilderness to catalog bugs with hand-made microscopes and wildlife journals. We know insects and spiders are much more than creepy-crawlies, and we hope to teach students just how interesting, helpful and cool they really are.

Birding Nature Camp – What’s that bird? Join us to look, listen, and learn in this camp for young naturalists. We will venture outdoors, observe birds in their habitats, and explore the science behind our feathered friends. Campers will use binoculars, make a wildlife journal, create backyard birdfeeders, dissect owl pellets, play bird-themed games, and learn about bird conservation. Birds are all around us – let’s take a closer look!

Note for coordinators: You must have accessible natural areas on or nearby your location to run these classes. We will inspect your space to determine if it’s suitable.

Summer Camps

What is better than fun and learning in the sun?! Join us for our Summer Camp experiences that last for a week, full or half day. Our instructors range in expertise and are sure to make your summer fun, while learning cool new and interesting programs. Some of our locations offer extended care too!

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Looking for a one-time event or a daytime in-school enrichment class? Workshops are provided for a wide range of ages and interests. Contact us today!


Parents Love BEAM


Alex Bonfield

BEAM Director

Alex’s love and expertise in everything creative makes him a unique teacher at Beam. He has a hand in all Beam curriculum creation. Alex earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in computer animation from James Madison University.

Ava Benami

BEAM Director

Ava is passionate about science education and the natural world. She’s excited about expanding BEAM’s nature-related curriculum when she’s not running Operations for the whole team! She has spent the majority of her career working in the veterinary field, and is now pursuing her Bachelor of Fisheries & Wildlife at Oregon State University. She is an avid bird-watcher and wilderness explorer in her free time.

Irina Ioana Jinga

BEAM Teacher

Irina is a geologist and a teacher, with over 2 years experience in informal education. She has worked with over 1500 children, making enrichment fun and accessible for all. As a passionate educator, she believes that future innovation starts with developing curiosity in children today.

Our BEAM Team is made up of educators who have a passion for teaching and creating compelling project-based experiences. It’s a cool job! We are always looking for new Beam Team members. Send us your resume and cover letter. We will contact you when there are openings.

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    BEAM reserves the right to cancel a program at any time if it does not meet our minimum roster requirement of 8 students.