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Born in Seattle by a local architect passionate about children’s education and adult tinkering, BEAM Experiences offers hands-on guided learning and play for grades 1-8.

BEAM creates experiences that are fun, creative, challenging, and cool! Our classes, camps, workshops and events provide an environment to imagine and inspire. We provide in-school and after-school programs that integrate the multidisciplinary aspects of ideating, brainstorming, outlining ideas, building, and creating. Our teachers challenge and guide students through unique projects while having fun in a risk-free environment.

Our curriculum is varied and customizable in the areas of STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Math), Art, Animation, and more. We are always developing “New and Cool” curricula with the newest ideas in education and fun!

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School Enrichment

After-school programs, offering guided lessons that promote creative problem-solving in a fun, lab-type setting, are 90 and 120 minutes/once a week.

Our in-school programs are one-time focused lessons meant to support the daily curriculum with the latest in innovative learning and thinking.

All programs are located in the greater Seattle area. Read our full class descriptions here

All Things Robots

Jr. Robotics – Construct moving contraptions out of the newest educational robotics materials! Students will learn about motorized construction techniques and build a foundation for our advanced course.


Advanced Robotics – Unleash the creative powers of the LEGO® MINDSTORMS EV3 by building and programming real, functioning robots! Students will participate in group and individual challenges to build emerging critical and creative thinking skills.

Game Design

Video Games – Video games are not only fun to play, but fun to create! Students use a 2D game development engine called Stencyl to design, animate, program and test their own Flash game that they can play and share on the computer.


Tabletop Games – Ever dreamed of playing a tabletop game from your imagination? Students will play and study a variety of games, including puzzles, card games, and board games, then work in teams to design their own custom experiences!

Art & Animation

Stop-Motion Animation – Bring your story to life by making stop motion animated movies! Working in teams, students build sets and characters using materials such as LEGO® bricks, white boards, and origami, then write, direct, and edit a unique story to share with the world!

New & Cool

At BEAM, we are always looking at “new and cool” themes for our programs and workshops. We want to offer the most up-to-date concepts in STREAM learning—the latest and greatest in robot-driven hydroponics; urban planning and design; the science of vertical farming; and more.

Bugs & Microscopes – Bugs are everywhere! Did you know that 90% of animals on earth are insects? Get to know the critters in your backyard with Bugs & Microscopes! Students will learn to care for our tiny friends by building bug motels and ant farms. Then we’ll put on our biology hats and explore the local wilderness to catalog bugs with hand-made microscopes and wildlife journals. We know insects and spiders are much more than creepy-crawlies, and we hope to teach students just how interesting, helpful and cool they really are.


Whether it’s a night of building robots, a day in the park learning the basics of structural engineering, or creating sets for stop-motion videos, BEAM has an event that will entertain.

We create and custom-build events for all ages and all occasions including:

  • Fundraisers
  • Team Building
  • Parents Night Out
  • Creative Challenges

If you are interested in private or corporate events, email us.

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Want to dive into learning stop-motion? Or create your dream home in an afternoon? Our workshops are arranged in focused blocks of time, allowing for in-depth exploration into technology, engineering and art, as well as new and cool innovation in the realm of architecture. Workshops are provided for a wide range of ages and interests.
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Summer Camps

What is better than fun and learning in the sun?! Join us for our Summer Camp experiences that last for a week, full or half day. Our instructors range in expertise and are sure to make your summer fun, while learning cool new and interesting programs. Some of our locations offer extended care too!

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Birthday Parties

We have temporarily stopped offering birthday parties. Check in again soon!

-The Beam Team

Nothing from November 11, 2019 to December 11, 2019.


Mickie Centrone

BEAM Manager

Mickie is the glue that connects the educational aspirations of Beam Experiences with the teacher management and engagement. At Beam, we pride ourselves in maintaining a high level of teacher to child engagement, as well as, having serious fun! Mickie’s educational background includes a Master of Fine Art in Creative Writing at the University of Washington.

Alex Bonfield

Beam Senior Teacher

Alex’s love and expertise in everything art, animation, video game creation, and robotics makes him a unique teacher at Beam. Alex also has a hand in all Beam curriculum creation in order to integrate STEAM in everything we do. Alex earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in computer animation from James Madison University.

Jazzy Gill

BEAM Teacher

Jazzy is an experienced educator who has worked alongside kids in various environments. She enjoys working out at the gym and going on adventures on the busy streets of Seattle. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from the University of Washington.

Melanie Corey-Ferrini

Beam Founder

She is also the CEO of Dynamikspace, a creative engineering firm. Melanie wanted to create classes for kids that allow for open and creative brainstorming of ideas in a risk-free environment. Melanie enjoys sketching while traveling, as well as building and tinkering in order to create new ideas.

Bei Cao

BEAM Teacher

Bei loves teaching Lego classes, Robotics and Video Game Design. She has a Masters in Secondary Education from UW, and is going to school for School Psychology at Seattle U.

Michelle Nelson

BEAM Teacher

Michele is an experienced educator and has worked with kids is many roles and settings. She's a dedicated volunteer and enjoys the challenge of ever-changing environments and motivating others to be their best. Michele loves walking her yellow lab and finding the best hiking trails in the Seattle area. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in special education from the University of Florida.

Natalie Minas

BEAM Teacher

Natalie is passionate about children's socio-emotional growth through shared experiences and group problem-solving. She loves teaching for BEAM because it allows her to facilitate rewarding learning environments (and play with LEGOs!). When she's not teaching, she attends the Univ. of Washington for her Masters in Social Work.

Our BEAM Team is made up of artists, educators, architects, and engineers who all have a passion for teaching and creating compelling project-based experiences.It’s a cool job! Are you ready to share your passion for creative education? We are always looking for new Beam Team members. Send us your resume and cover letter. We will contact you when there are openings.

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BEAM in Your School

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Building robots, experimenting with stop motion, creating 3d structures with marshmallows and cardboard; these are the things that BEAM specializes in. We bring an exciting and hands on approach to STREAM based learning.

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BEAM reserves the right to cancel a program at any time if it does not meet our minimum roster requirement of 8 students.