BEAM Experiences offers hands-on learning for children grades 1-8. We provide S.T.R.E.A.M.-based, multi-disciplinary programs that are designed to create thought leaders.  

Our instructors are artists, architects, and engineers who all have a passion for teaching S.T.R.E.A.M. education and creating compelling project-based experiences using the BEAM process.

Video Game Design 

Master the art of  video game design! Using problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, students create fun game play. Students brainstorm, outline, and sketch components that will be featured in their games, including characters, game narrative, and objectives. Through hands-on experience, they learn about the multitude of art forms that go into making a finished game: such as game design, programming/logic, animation, graphics, testing, sound, and music. Working individually, they use a 2D game development engine called Stencyl to make their own Flash game to play and share on the computer!


Engineer your world! Students will design, build, and program a variety of robots — using a multitude of systems that include, LEGO® MINDSTORMS EV3, Cubelets, SAM Labs, Moss, Tinkerkit, among other cutting edge robotic systems. Students will learn how to construct sturdy, functional robots — and with this knowledge, all students will start designing one-of-a-kind robots. Students will physically piece together logic with modular building blocks, build circuits, and integrate their creations into the world around them. The perks of completing building? Racing, dodging walls, completing obstacle courses, and battling robots!

Jr. Robotics

BEAM Experiences uses the popular Bricks 4 Kidz Jr. Robotics curriculum, teaching students how to turn their next LEGO creations into a robot, programmed to do exactly what they tell it to do! This offers all the fun of building with LEGO Bricks, plus the challenge of computer programming. Using drag-and-drop, icon-based WeDo software provides an introduction to the world of programming and robotics that will equip children to succeed in a technology-based marketplace. BEAM encourages students to think creatively while experimenting with Cubelets. This fun, action-packed class combines real life skills with real kid fun!

Stop Motion Animation 

Make animated movies! In teams, students develop characters and settings, and create stories based on ideas from their own imaginations — animating their visions one frame at a time. To fuel inventiveness, building and set materials can include LEGO® bricks, white boards, origami, and recycled materials. Students learn how to storyboard, how to add cinematic scores and dialogue to bring the movie to life, and how to publish their short films! Additionally, students learn how animation directors create inspiring works of art.

Physics and Structures

Build a world you want to live in! Using problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, students plan, design, and build traditional structures, while exploring what makes architecture a perfect blend of building and art. Students are given project-based challenges – such as building catapults and bridges – and will brainstorm, draw floor plans, and construct models using various materials from cardboard to marshmallows. Before completing their final structures, students will learn to use a multitude of building blocks, such as arches and columns; learn how to design for different environments; and learn how materials and buildings have changed throughout history. Using this newfound knowledge, the final project will be building a model of their dream home.

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